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DrRepute We have started an organisation for the online advertising and marketing on healthcare services. For that we will design and create web applications for your products and services. Web Application or Web App is an application that we can open anywhere on internet through a browser interface or it is a software that runs in a web browser. These are very useful and important for the websites. Web Applications are developed specially for a particular platform or device and installed on that device. We create web apps or applications for the people who are looking to promote their healthcare services through online advertising and marketing. We have an excellent team who are specialized in the creating web apps.

We Provide 3 Types of Websites Services

Custom Websites:

Any Business owner will think and look for saving money instead of spending more money to create websites. For a marketing purpose or else online business you can spend money to look better and good appearance. A unique web design is created just for your business is known as custom website. Hence, your website will be different from others. We will create web apps for custom websites with our team.

Benefits of custom website

  • Unique Design
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • We can change or modify the design how we require it

Mobile Websites:

Mobile Website is to open or operate from anywhere through the handsets or mobile devices like Smartphone or a feature phone by using mobile internet packages or any other wireless networks.

Everyone will get a thought about how to create Web Application when they are going to start any business or organisation to the visitors. By creating web applications for mobile websites how we can download easily.

Advantages of Mobile Website

  • Mobile Websites Are Instantly Available
  • Mobile Websites are Compatible across Devices
  • Mobile Websites Can be Found Easily

Content Management Websites:

CMS or Content Management System Websites are computer applications. By using CMS Websites, we can do publishing articles, editing content and modifications in the site. We can delete or remove from the website. We can manage everything about the website that’s why we called it as Content Management System.

If you are interested to know about DrRepute marketing services for your business and online reputation, please send an email to mypractice@drrepute.com or click the below link to start Complementary Marketing Assessment.


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