Bariatric Surgery

In recent years Obesity has become a major health problem and increasing in epidemic proportion due to lack of physical activities and increase in sedentary life style. Advancements in modern technologies has certainly improved connectivity but resulted in less physical activity and increased incidence of Obesity.

Obesity was thought to be a major cosmetic issue but truly speaking, it is much more than that. It results in increased incidence of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular events. Excessive weight can put more pressure on weight bearing joints especially knees and result in premature osteoarthritis. Treatment of obesity involves increase in physical activity and dietary modifications but they seldom help patients. Medical management has not been very effective. Endoscopic treatments have their own limitations. Recently surgical treatments have gained lot of popularity as they are shown to be very effective and in many patients proves to be a permanent solution. They also shown to reverse diabetes in few patients.

The two most popular surgeries are Sleeve gastrectomy and Gastric bypass. But if not performed by a surgeon with adequate training and experience, they can result in disastrous complications. But in the era where many surgeons are claiming themselves to be “Bariatric experts”, a skilled person with special expertise will have to struggle to reach suitable patients. Many of these patients are well educated and tech savvies. Here is where digital marketing wins you patients. At DrRepute, we specialise in promoting Bariatric surgeons with proper expertise for the benefit of both doctors and patients alike.

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